So You Think You Can Country Rap?

So you think you can country rap? Well, apparently a lot of artists think they can. I suppose really as long as they find success who am I to measure it. After all, some think Brooks & Dunn walked on water, such as myself, and others who dislike them (for some reason). So really how to you measures the success/likeability of these artists? Records sales? Concerts? Charts? YouTube? Social Media?! Okay, perhaps I’m reaching a bit, which really I can because I’m writing this, and obviously your reading this.. So back to topic, who’s the big dog in country rap and more importantly why? Lets name a few of the country rap artists. Big Smo, The Lacs, Cowboy Troy, Mikel Knight, Lenny Copper.. There are a few more who I will bring up later, but am I missing anyone? Anyone just screaming out in your mind perhaps? I suppose you are thinking why didn’t you mention Colt Ford. At this time Colt seems to be the mainstream fella. He is being played on all the country stations, and doing some pretty decent collaborations with other traditional artists. So obviously Colt must be country to the core and came up with this concept of country rap all on his own right? People who really know nothing about country rap, know Colt Fold. They think he is just a good ole boy who sings country music, and has some rhymes in his songs. I’d be willing to bet they think ole Colt just popped up one day and was discovered. Of course they know he was a “golf pro” right? We will get back to that in a minute. I doubt they know that Colt has been around the block, and has some deep, deep roots in… Guess what?! The rap genre. Yup, that’s right! Colt goes back in deep and has worked with producers such as Jermaine Dupri. So on the country side of the coin, traditional country fans would probably say, “who the heckfire is Jermaine Dupri?” Well, Mr Dupri has been behind and part of some pretty “darn” big RAP songs. So, in my humble opinion, Colt has found a way to be just country enough to be played on country radio. And with his financial backing, be it on his own, family, or labels he has landed himself in the spotlight. Corporations like Clearchannel will get behind him, yet currently they won’t get behind artists like Ronnie Dunn. But that s a topic for a different day. At this point, you are probably asking why. Why would they get behind Colt? Here is why. Mainstream country music knows that people love traditional country, but are begging for a beat. They want the music they can relate to in their life, but also party to. Is Colt Ford representing the genre well enough, or is he merely opening a door for someone more genuine to fill the spot as ambassador for the country rap genre? Can you party to Colt Ford? Well, some apparently can. But, lets move on because we don’t need to get into how much of a rockstar are you when you party. A 6 pack to some is a party, know what I mean? I respect Mr Ford, and certainly dig some of his tunes, but sometimes just seems like there are not enough ingredients in his batch. Smell what I’m cooking? So mainstream country doesn’t want to miss the bus with country rap, but where are the other artists that are putting out what some who consider true country rap? This also has a simple answer. They are afraid. Until the millions and millions catch up to country rap, there is going to be a big world of fantastic talented country rap artists building empires underground. They are making album after album and getting new fans everyday. Country rap is quickly on the rise people! You are obviously intrigued with this genre called country rap, or you wouldn’t be here. So write todays date down, and put a note that the few who are aware of this are watching and anticipating something big being developed. Soon, traditional country artists are going to be much more concerned with who is doing what within the genre. And they are going to be watering at the mouth for a chance to be on a country rap album with one of these artists.

At this time I want to say this. These are my opinions, which does not make me an expert. I encourage those of you who also have opinions to join in the discussion and share your thoughts on the forum. We may not all agree, but let’s agree on this, country rap is great music we all enjoy, and its only going to get better! Until next time, keep country (rap)!

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