The Country Rap Travesty

Welcome back. So I have your attention? Well, lets talk about the other side of country rap. Possibly the YouTube “supa” stars. You know the ones who don’t sell any records and simply have a lot of views on YouTube? Same guys who also listen to another artist song and make it more fly, add some flavor? Well, believe it or not this exists in the country rap genre, and unfortunately most aren’t aware at all. But lets take a step back and get to the root of the problem. These artist who claim to be country rap, or hick hop, and more than likely tell others, yeah I invented that, are no more than bad ambassadors for the genre. Essentially it works the same as anything else. If you get an off brand, and it sucks, how likely are you to give a better brand a chance? Well, these artists get some likes on YouTube, maybe some likes on Facebook and Twitter, and self create a celebrity status. So on just pure looks to people unaware, they think these people represent the entire genre and that must be what its all about. In my opinion, most country rap artists are pretty decent guys. They live the typical country lifestyle. They like big trucks and drinking beer. However, we have the other side. People that aren’t “legit.” Enter Redneck Souljers. Get it? Soul jers? Means they have soul right? Nope. Well, I suppose they had some YouTube hits, and they do have the speech down. If you look at their web page its all hey ya’ll, we just having a good ole time, werkin hard, trying to earn a dolla, and recurdin.. Actually Im not realy sure the last one isn’t a spelling error. Anyway, I suppose I could talk lik dat 2, cause I’m just a good ole boy.. Are you sold? Shouldn’t be I went to school. These guys would be what I would describe as a travesty. A poor imitation, quite simply a joke. Lets clear this up, they have a lot of hits on YouTube, so their good right? Well, in my opinion there is a difference in people watching because they enjoy, and watching in.. HUMOR. Artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Jon, and Waka Flaka Flame are all VICTIMS of this group. There are more too, so think about that a moment. How many of the fans of these legit artists you think watched their YouTube videos, just to laugh? The stinky intro, the tone-deaf lead singer/rapper, and just a bad video that honestly makes me want to just throw my computer. There are other artists in the country rap genre who have made a success off basically stealing a song. Remember the popular song “Black and Yellow?” The song that was popular for a couple months and then fizzled out? Well, there happens to be a song called “Black and Camo.” With comments such as, “I hope your kneecaps are bullet proof,” perhaps you should not have gone there Mr. Cooper. We’ll address this artist later, but have to admit, wasn’t impressed with the rip-off. Am I hating? Yeah I am. Because I don’t believe they are relevant to the genre. Sure its fun, and fun to make fun of, but the artists who are in the genre, are serious. When you sell 1 million records, your serious about what you do. If its good music, its good music regardless of who is making it. Sure there will be some songs that are not always a #1, but lets discard the garbage, and let the bigs dogs lead the genre who take it seriously. Basically, don’t just talk the talk, walk it, because myself and everyone else who likes this genre, are watching it grow. I don’t want to waste my time seeing something phony show up when I’m searching good music. Till next time, ya’ll keep it real… or go home. YA HERD?!

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