Best Of Country-rap In Past 20 Years

Best of country-rap in past 20 years

Best of country-rap in past 20 years Country rap could be called a maligned genre — that is, if it even constitutes a genreat all. Collaborations between Nashville stars and rap and R&B artists are trending after Lil Nas X's unlikely hit "Old Town Road" topped the Billboard Hot 100 last week. Prior to hitting No. 1, the song gained traction when Billboard made the controversial choice to exclude "Old Town Road" from the country charts, even after Nashville legend…

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29 Songs A History In Country-Rap

29 Songs A History in Country-Rap

29 Songs A History in Country-Rap Country music and hip-hop have long vacillated between looking to each other for inspiration and staring at each other warily. Here are 29 examples that run the gamut: Billboard chart-toppers and anthems from insular microscenes; shiny, opportunistic pop collaborations and mud-soaked obscurities; novelty records and sincere simpatico style unions. Each one, in its own way, shifted the idea of what country-rap comity could sound like. Via See full article here

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Country-rap Artist Blanco Brown ‘The Git Up’ On Jimmy Kimmel

Country-rap artist Blanco Brown ‘The Git Up’ on Jimmy Kimmel

See Blanco Brown Sing ‘The Git Up’ on ‘Kimmel’ Country-rap artist also performs “Funky Tonk” from his new album ‘Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs’ Blanco Brown made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, performing a medley of tunes from his new album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs that included the hit “The Git Up.” Backed only by his DJ, Brown began the performance with “Funky Tonk,” a track from the new album that pits speedily picked acoustic guitar runs against…

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