Country Rap. Are people afraid?

What is your favorite radio station to listen to? Do you listen to the same station all the time, or do you every once in a while change the station? More importantly, do you ever change it from your favorite station and hear a song you’ve never heard before and like it?! I am looking for a better understanding of why people are timid of country rap. I think I can tell you. We know people like country music, most people. We also know there is a market for rap music. What we also know is that generally the two audiences don’t mix, or do they? It seems to be that the two genres mix more and more as time passes if you watch the genre as a whole. Think about some of the faster paced country songs. Remember the song ‘Honkytonk Badonkadonk?’ That song was huge, and was it traditional country? Nope. It was as close to a Baby Got Back as country music could get. We can go back to Big and Rich also? Remember how much radio play they received for ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy?’ The song is still played all the time! The country audience was getting a taste of something different and they liked it! So why in 2013, do we not hear more of the country rap on the radio, and I mean standard radio not Pandora or any of that, I am speaking directly to radio networks such as Clearchannel. Colt Ford gets a lot of play, and as great as he is, what about the rest of the country rap artists? Artists such as Moccasin Creek, Lenny Cooper, Mikel Knight and many more. These are the artists we know the clubs are playing. Are the radio stations hearing it and just afraid to play it on their stations? It’s obvious the people want to listen to something with a beat to it. If this was not the case, every country bar in the United States wouldn’t be playing dance music mixed in with country music. So, what do we do? I’m glad you asked. We write the stations, we get on their Facebook pages or social media and tell them what we want. See, sometimes in the corporate world, they get a little comfortable with where their information comes from, so let’s shake it up and let them know what we’d like to hear! So what’s your favorite country rap song? Leave us feedback on our Facebook page or in the forum on our website!

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