Country Rap Doing Work!

I’ve noticed that some people, as we have discussed are a little shy when it comes to country rap. That being said I have also come to the conclusion that once you explain what it is to them, they are much more receptive. So let us talk a minute about why country rap works, and is going to work.

We already know that there is an audience who enjoys country rap, and will likely continue to like and support it. There have been many attempts from traditional country artists in the country rap genre. Some like it, and some look at their attempts as feeble, however are strong supporters of the true country rap artists. So why do we know it is going to have a long lasting place in music? Well, let’s start with a fairly traditional country artists own feelings about country rap. Toby Keith recently discussed country rap with Country Weekly and said, “You hear the hip-hop thing start kicking in, and you start going, ‘Is that what we gotta do now to have a hit?’ I don’t know how to do that. Is that what I need every one of my songs to sound like now?” He also states that if that is what he has to do, he would rather not, which is okay because Toby Keith is great at what he does. Either way, this recent statement shows you even the pros are beginning to take serious looks at the country rap genre and what it means not only to country music, but music in general. Working on the other side of the music industry we have the “paper pushers.” People such as Cris Lacy, vice president of artists and repertoire at Warner Music Nashville who said, “When this first came to me, I wasn’t sure. I thought it might be just a niche market. But I think authenticity is always a bigger demographic than we think it is. I think there’s something that allows audiences that wouldn’t typically buy that music to buy in because they want to live vicariously. … It’s real, and it’s going to have more mass appeal than people originally thought.” So there you have two examples of some who may know a little about the music business taking note of this rapidly growing movement. Why?! Well quite honestly, because they have to, and because they know it going to grow with or without them. What are your thoughts on the growth of country rap and the artists? Share your thoughts with us on our forum or on our Facebook page. Until next time!

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