This Raps For You

Country rap is growing like wildfire across the country and even in other parts of the world! When you see and hear not only traditional country artists, but also hip hop artists talking about and getting involved in country rap, something’s happening. Not long ago we saw the artist know as P. Diddy show up to the CMA award show. Why? Well, my interpretation of it was that he was making a statement that he is going to be on the country music scene as several other hip hop artists already have been. What is different about P. Diddy is that usually when he is involved in something he is generally very successful. We’ve seen Nelly, LL Cool J, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, and even Ludacris ( L U D A!) be a part of a collaboration with generally country artists. So why the interest in country rap and what makes it something that not only sounds great, but is widely accepted by many? I believe the answer is simply, people can relate. More specifically middle American. The Americans that make this country work. Sometimes music, in any genre, can be like going to the movies. It’s a great story, but it’s not likely I will find myself living that life. Good ole traditional country can’t be beat, but your only going to meet the love of your life so many times.. In some cases anyway. But country rap you find the songs being written about things that most people can relate to. So we have songs we can easily relate to, and its got a beat. Count me in! Most hip hop I can’t even relate to! I don’t have a Bentley on “dubs” with push to start! My ride doesn’t go side to side or any of that. I drive a truck, a Chevy! Let’s hear some stuff about mud on the tires because that the Southern way of living and you got my attention. I can sing along, or attempt to and it means something to me because that is my life. So back to why the crazy hip hop/country artists collaborations. Well, the traditional country artists can’t rap, and the hip hop artists can’t carry a tune, so we get some luke-warm country rap that their record label pays the radio stations lot of money to play and shove down your throat. Real country rap is obvious the second you hear it. It’s as natural as breathing air. The people that country rap is written for aren’t being fooled by the bubble gum country rap. So let’s support the real country rap artists by requesting it, after all their making music about us!

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