Recently the world was exposed to something many of us probably didn’t see coming. Perhaps we should have, considering who his daughter is, and there is the old saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Achy Breaky 2 was released and very quickly received several million views on YouTube. What could possibly draw people to the video? We’ve all heard the song, whether we wanted to or not, and sure it had its moment when it glistened in the music world for a bit, but a second version?! And not only has it been remixed, but most interestingly it’s a country rap remix! The video is typical of most videos being produced today. Half dressed women and all the effects, including a pretty “interesting” intro where they appear to be abducted by some out of this world being. Then we get to the actual video. Billy Ray Cyrus is singing the chorus, and the rest is rapper Buck 22 “spitting” rap. This is a complete 180 of the original version, so there must have been a reason why the artist felt this might work. Cyrus did admit to taking advice from his daughter Miley Cyrus, who is no stranger to controversy. She said, “If the world say go left, go right,” and that’s exactly what he did. If it was attention he was seeking by releasing the remix, he certainly got it. From CNN to Rolling Stone Magazine, they have all come out of the woodwork to interview Cyrus. So let’s ask the real question. Is it any good? Well, you remember the original correct? That plus some rapping and there you have a feeble attempt to break into new territory. A new collaboration between an old one hit wonder and a rapper. Perhaps once all the dust settles from this out of left field release, people will ask what in the world is this! Let appreciate the country rap artists who are really making the good music, and maybe let others just do what they should do. Be sure to check it out for yourself and tell us your opinions on our Facebook page!

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