Mikel Knight

Country Rap Taking Over?

With the continued growth of country rap, some are beginning to ask how far is this genre going to go? Is country rap going to take over and be found on both top 40 and country radio? It seems to be that country rap really already is starting to have more air time on different genres of radio. With the many different collaborations being produced, and the fans spreading the word on their favorite hick hop artist it would appear that the genre itself is on the rise quickly. The appeal isn’t just in the music industry, other industries are using country rap to make their industry more appealing to the masses. Case in point would be mud bogs. This past time has also grown quickly in the last several years and what kind of music do they like to hear? Country rap of course! It’s interesting to see the many different activities that people enjoy where they are getting exposed to country rap. People that are not familiar with the genre find themselves really enjoying the genre and becoming fans! So what can we do to help the continued growth of country rap? Support the country rap artists and spread the word to your friends! Go onto the Facebook pages of your local radio stations and request the music. Ask your local nightclubs to play the music and book the artists! Those of us that are fans are watching a great movement sweeping across the nation! So let’s do our part and support the artists that we love!

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